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With Fred you create chatbots that open automated sales, customer service, scheduling or any other type of relationship channels, which operate 24 hours every day in messaging applications.

Send Structured and Ordered information with buttons and links (cards and carousels)

See the movies in São Paulo Mall Theater

Laranja Mecânica
No futuro, o violento Alex (Malcolm McDowell), líder de uma gangue de deli…

Today – 19:30
Tomorrow – 14:00

Um criminoso cubano exilado (Al Pacino) vai para Miami e em pouco tempo está trabal…

Today – 20:30
Tomorrow – 19:00

O Poderoso Chefão
Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) é o chefe de uma “família” de Nova York…

Today – 20:30
Tomorrow – 19:00
Hi Alfred, what can I do for you today?
Schedule appointment
Ask a question
Schedule appointment
Which of these days do you prefer?
Mon, 12/10
Tue, 13/10
Fri, 16/10

Card ending in 5432


Rich Magazine

Month – R$ 20
6 Month – R$52
Year – R$96

Send and receive documents, receipts, vouchers, etc.

Thank you for your order!
Please find your receipt attached.

Receipt X1725.pdf


As per your request, your insurance policy according to our files is:

Insurance Policy

Insurance #201703, John Due, until December/2017.



Please, take a photo or scan your personal ID. We need to verify your account.



Your document has been received and it will be verified.

Send and receive text messages

Hello! Welcome to Planet Pizza! Please type an option to begin:

1 – New order

2 – Past orders

3 – See menu

4 – Talk to an agent


Alright, new order that is! Would you like for takeout or delivery?


Send and receive images

Please type the car chassis
Please send a photo of your license plate
350 5th Avenue, 3 bedrooms. This is the kitchen:
A New York style loft apartment in a cosmopolitan and central city enclave, this exceptional residence is the ultimate contemporary offering. Set high in a landmark building renowned for its seamless fusion of the traditional and the modern, the home is defined by its stylish low maintenance interiors.

Send and receive location

Your appointment has been confirmed.
Dr. Sagan
Friday 16 at 05PM
34 E 64th St – New York, NY 10065
Your order has 12 items. The total price is US$ 1250.00. Please share your location, this way the shipping cost can be calculated.
303E E 53rd St – New York, NY 10022
The shipping cost to your location is US$ 45.00.

Send and receive audio

You are now connected with the operator Luke Cage.

I understand Will. Would you like to receive it today or tomorrow?