Chatbots = Artificial Intelligence + Text Messages | Fred

With Fred you create chatbots that open automated sales, customer service, scheduling or any other type of relationship channels, which operate 24 hours every day in messaging applications.

Chatbots = Artificial Intelligence + Text Messages

Chatbots are artificial intelligence entities that interpret and produce text messages in chats and messaging applications. Chatbots serve and talk to your consumers 24/7. Chatbots may also work in pre-defined tracks with pre-defined actions and menus, which is the case of Fred chatbots.

Fred Chatbots are called “routers”, “mappers” or “static chatbots”, because they route users to predefined actions and data endpoints provided by your company, according to their current context. Fred Chatbots work as a gateway between APIs and messaging applications.

As an example, in a pizza delivery channel, a Fred Chatbot displays a menu with ordering and history options which were previously defined by the pizzeria, like: order a pizza, previous orders or speak with an agent. When the user chooses to order a pizza, the chatbot will map this option with the options configured by the pizzeria and perform the assigned action to this step. In this case it could be ask the user location or list toppings. After that the chatbot keeps tracking and mapping the user choices and inputs with the actions defined by the pizzeria when it created the chatbot in FredBuilder.